About Liquor Legends

What does it mean to be a Liquor Legend? 

A Liquor Legends outlet is one who is passionate about their business and takes pride in diversification.
A Liquor Legend strives on being better and receiving better, we call it ‘’Best Practice”.
A Liquor Legend LOVES REWARDS!

At Liquor Legends we believe in stimulating best value at the best price, choice, information and experience. The more we know and grow, the more we share in all aspects of our business. For more than 25 years, the consumer has influenced and developed our processes which has resulted in what we think is the best Rewards Program in the industry!

Our Rewards Program now consists of over 350,000 Legendary Members! Our database is notoriously known for being data rich! This sanctions us to endorse a point of difference to the everyday shopper by tailoring to their preferred category ensuring only direct and relevant rewards information is dispersed. 

Our Rewards Program is based from meticulous foundations that are easily adaptable to the consistently shifting market. It is a program like no other and we are proud to call ourselves a Liquor Legend! That being said… what are you waiting for? Join now and subscribe to a lifestyle that’s like no other.

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